Holiday Makers


Thank you for your interest in our unique distribution route for travel brochures and marketing material.

It's already proving highly successful in targeting UK holiday makers and offers you a really exciting opportunity to reach your target audience through a fresh distribution channel. We hope you find the information on our Micro site useful.

Self Select Distribution hold the exclusive contracts to distribute all free publications through the 4 largest UK supermarket groups, distributing over 300 different free publications per week nationwide. We've recently expanded into offering this exclusive route to market to the travel industry with fantastic results achieved to date.

It is now possible for a potential customer to take a complimentary copy of your brochure or promotional publication from our display stands whilst they are grocery shopping. Each store is carefully chosen to reflect the campaigns target audience and local shopper profile.

Shoppers will only take a copy by conscious choice, deciding to pick it up and take it home, only if it's right for them, It's a fantastic, highly cost effective way of getting your message across direct to your target audience.

The feedback from campaigns' we've delivered to date for some of the UK's leading holiday brands indicate Self Select Distribution offers a genuine alternative channel for brochure promotion and a cost effective viable alternative to traditional advertising opportunities. With declining footfall into high street travel agents, we can offer a guaranteed way to have your brochures selected by a closely targeted audience.

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