Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions that may help answer any queries you may have. If none of the following answer your question please feel free to Contact Us, and we'll be able to answer anything you need to know.

Can I distribute my own publication direct to the supermarkets via SSD?
Due to the terms of our contracts with the retailers we're unable to allow publishers to self deliver copies to stores. Our distributors are highly trained and will display your publication professionally.
Can I have my own branded display unit in the store?
The supermarkets only allow bespoke branded free display units that have been fully tested and approved by each retail group into their stores. These units also carry multi-million pound public liability insurance to cover any incidents.
Does my magazine need approval for display by each supermarket head office?
Due to the close relationship SSD has with the supermarkets we are allowed to approve titles that fall within 20 key categories, (e.g property, lifestyle, motors, and local news). If your planned publication is a unique concept or hasn't been produced as a free title before, SSD will then seek approval from each relevant retailer prior to distribution commencing.
How often do SSD service the display stands in the stores?
The major superstores are generally serviced twice per week to ensure the units are stocked, clean and tidy. The days are dependent on the titles in the region but are generally Tuesday and Friday in many areas. The smaller convenience stores are usually serviced once per week, generally Fridays.
Why isn't the SSD display stand by the exit and entrance in my local store?
The stands are located in a high footfall area that has been agreed with the local store manager. Whilst the unit may not be by the exit and entrance, it will be in a high profile position such as behind the tills or by the newspaper kiosk.
Why aren't my magazines on the top shelf?
The SSD distribution rotate the range of available free publications in each store to ensure all our publishing clients get a fair share of the available space.
How many copies should I provide for each store?
Customer demand varies by store depending upon the topic and quality of the publication. On average we suggest around 300 copies for a superstore for a week. Once we have assessed customer demand supplies can then be increased or decreased by store for the following editions.
How can SSD prove you've completed my distribution to every store?
Our distributors operate a handheld PDA device that is filled in with the amount of copies supplies and a time and date stamped digital picture is taken of your publication is taken at each store. This system has been carefully refined and is now approved by the regulatory industry body ABC.
Can you deliver copies of my publication to other outlets?
SSD can make deliveries to the same high standard to a full range of additional miscellaneous outlets upon request. We also provide proof of delivery information and full statistics which allows publishers to focus on running their publication, rather than distributing copies to local outlets & advertisers.
Can you collect my copies from the printers?
Our distribution team can collect copies from any UK printer at very cost effective rates. Copies are then split and transferred to the relevant regional distribution depot ready for distribution to stores.
How do you pick & choose stores to suit my publication?
We have a historical database of pick up demand for each type of magazine that we distribute by store and region. We can therefore highlight stores that are likely to have good levels of customer pick-up for your particular publication. We are also able to highlight the local shopper profile and make sure this matches your target audience to ensure the best possible response to your advertisers. Ultimately it's your choice as to which stores your title is distributed to.