Distribution Services

Supermarket Distribution

The core service of Self Select is the distribution of a large range and variety of free publications to several thousand potential outlets across the UK on weekly basis. The major outlets such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons are serviced and merchandised twice per week to ensure the units are stocked, cleaned and merchandised. Smaller convenience stores like Co-op, Somerfield and Spar are generally serviced once per week. Publishers can choose the specific stores they require based on their circulation footprint and advertisers or Self Select can create bespoke distribution proposals given a specific brief. With a historical database of pick up demand for different types of publications, Self Select can quickly identify stores that will deliver good levels of demand for all markets.

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Bulk Copy Collection

Self Select operate a transport division which collects publisher's bulk copies direct from several print centres across the UK on a daily basis. Copies are then shipped around the country to our warehouse storage network ready for distribution to stores.

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Miscellaneous Copy Distribution

Many publishers require copies to be delivered to their offices, advertisers and outlets which they have organised for distribution. Self Select integrate this work within the supermarket deliveries ensuring cost effective rates. These drops are also recorded using our bespoke PDA software so proof of delivery with a time, date; photo and signature are gathered giving publishers complete confidence.

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Self Select operate a team of dedicated professional merchandisers across to check the stands and quality of our distributors work in stores and deal with any problems or issue. This team also carries out bespoke work for retailers and publishers of paid publications making sure copies are on display and promotional activity is implemented in a variety of outlets including newsagents, train stations, travel agents, retailers and airports.

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Self Select use a nationwide infrastructure of warehouses to safely store publications before they are distributed to stores. Our distributors then collect copies from these depots and take the publications out to stores. Publisher often use our warehouses as storage facility for other newspapers, magazines, leaflets and pallets of other goods.

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Mailing Services

Self Select mailing services can collect bulk collections of goods or print material nationally, and carry out specific customer bulk break requirements for direct packing and mailing. This can then be dispatched nationally or internationally.

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Packing & Banding Services

Self Select breakdown the bulk of customer products undertaken from shipping container loads that are full or part pallet loads of any quantity. Customers products or print material can be packed and banded to the customers required specifications, ready to be shipped or despatched via mailing or general distribution services nationally or internationally.

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Leaflet Distribution

Self Select Services can offer customers bulk collection of leaflets nationally and carry out customers specific bulk break requirements and operations. Onward delivery can then be completed directly to field distributors nationally.

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Polybagging & Insertion

Self Select Services has made a significant investment in polybagging machines, enabling us to offer polybagging services for distibution. This allows for the insertion of supplements and advertising material to be contained within the polybagging that surrounds a whole publication. Alternatively an individual supplement for insertion my require protection, such as a CD. The supplement can be polybagged and placed inside of a publication for increased durability.

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Print Quotes

Self Select have developed strong relationships with several of the UK's largest newspaper and magazine printers which allows Self Select to gain access to cost effective print quotes which allows our customers to save money.

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PDA Distribution Software Development

All our distributors operate a handheld PDA based distribution software system which provides real-time information to all parties, showing the time, date and volume of copies delivered to every outlet. The system is fully compliant to ABC reporting standards, allowing publishers to apply for a fully audited distribution certificate.

Key Benefits include
  • Real time images of distribution as it's completed by drop which are monitored at SSD HQ.
  • Digital Signatures provided by each distributor for each delivery point
  • Stock Delivery Information - Supplies, Returns, Restocks
  • Any issues reported allowing option to re-allocate copies
  • Local back up. In case of network failure or server problems all work is stored on the PDA till connection is resumed
  • Deliveries are all time and date stamped which allows SSD to monitor the quality of work and alter each driver's workload depending upon timings needed.

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Bespoke Software Service

Self Select also offer a bespoke service where our software programmers create a dedicated program for publishers to monitor there own distribution and transport operation.